The Clans of Valheru

These are the clans of Valheru as they stand today. Those of you who are in a position to do so, please mail me with an image to represent your clan (atleast 150x150 pixels), a URL to your clans site, the email address of the clanleader and any additional information that you feel is missing about your clan. Let me know also if your clan is accepting new members or not at this time. Bold text indicates the leader.


These mighty women are descended from the Amazons of yore. They have a strong belief in nature and live in harmony with it.

Leader: Jaya


To join the Blades you must have a vast knowledge of the world. You should be able to devise tactics and follow them. You must live by the way of the sword and choose your employer as the one who will pay you the most.

Leader: Rasoul

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is back, and we are here to stay, We are a clan of mighty warriors, we slay everyone alike. We resolve our problems with the sword, and silence our enemies by extracting their tongue.

Leader: Ishlitor

The Sisterhood

Leader: Rowena

Champions of the Sky

We are a group of friendly players, ranging from all classes, who like to bring out the essence of fun throughout the realm. Need help with slaying, an army to back you up, or people to talk to? We are the ones which you seek.

Leader: Meiko

The Dark Roses

Like a tranquil garden, the Dark Roses have come together as the bastion of peace and camaraderie in an unforgiving world. We have taken a solemn pledge of loyalty to one another, and each of us has equal say in clan policy. Our focus is to help others and improve upon the MUD when and where we can. In order to achieve these goals, we assist our fellow players and strive to be active leaders rather than just silent followers. We prefer to be good aligned and to not participate in PK, but as of yet these things will not prevent someone from being a prospective member.

Requirements to join:

  1. You must have finished all guilds.
  2. You must have a good knowledge of the MUD - you may be given a test to prove yourself.
  3. You must be helpful to others - newbies and veterans alike.
  4. You must not cheat or break the rules of the MUD - please set a good example for others.
  5. You must not be a bully or a thief - this goes for both members and non-members of TDR.
  6. You must not be a stagnant player - try to lead some xp or hunt bounties, don't just be a bump on a log.
Leader: Bronwynn

Demonic Core

Our goals: To be evil, to corrupt, to command fear, to be infamous and evil.



Eclipse stands for truth, loyalty, and above all, protecting equilibrium and delivering justice. Driven by honour, these Knights of the Heavens preserve the decorum of the realms that is fast deteriorating. Being a neutral order, they do not serve one cause of good or evil but seek to maintain balance.

Leader: Wickred

The Faction

As a whole, the Faction will demonstrate the power of casters by working as a team in the public eye. They will encourage others to abandon the way of the fighter and embrace the mystic arts in its purest form.


Fallen Angels

We are a power clan that is heavy with fighters and mages, but also people with other useful skills such as intelligence, and knowledge. We stand by our actions and fight for our rights and believes. Providing help to those who deserve it. If you choose to mess with a Fallen Angel you mess with EVERY Fallen Angel.

Leader: Rap

Knights Templar

The purpose of the Knights Templar is a simple one: To fight the forces of evil at any time, in any place and at any cost.

We follow the Seven Sacred Virtues (Valour, Generosity, Justice, Compassion, Faith, Modesty and Honesty) and a True Knight will always act according to them.

Leader: Elhana

Order of Flame

The Order of Flame is a family who roleplays evil. We don't have a special clan leader, we vote about all things important before making a decision. The elders of the clan will listen and try to help any member with their problems. We always back our friends up if we believe it is needed. We also believe in the 'eye for an eye' codex. If an attack is made on a member, we attack back. And if the attacking person is in a clan, we may just declare war on that clan. Facts are, we are strong together - we come as one.

Leader: Mason

The Outcasts

The Outcasts of the realm. These select individuals are what's left when worst comes to worst. We avoid large gatherings, and bask in the loneliest of our members. Provoked only by challenge, or injustice to our ranks.

Our trust is not easily gained, but easily lost. Cross us once, and you will be regretful. The clan will be the home for those who have been cast aside from the rest of the inhabitants of the realm.

Leader: Lirin

The Watchers

Bearing witness to the drastic imbalances of power and the terrible atrocities committed by most who have been fortunate enough to obtain it, be they good or evil, those few souls who sought the Balance out in life could stand by no longer.

Watchers were formed, on that day in secret so very long ago, a collection of individuals united in the pursuit of a single cause, the Balance. The Balance, the Great Plan, the ongoing story of Life and Death, Good and Evil, right and wrong, was the single purpose that drove the minds of each and every Watcher with a relentless fervor.

Leader: Miles


The call has been sent out into the realm, the bravest of warriors, deadliest of assassins, and mages of destruction have heard that call and assembled. Bounty Hunters and Mercenaries alike are assembled here to prove the worth of themselves. Do you have what it takes?

Leader: Mazer