OK. So you have decided that you want to make a donation to the mud to help cover running costs?

Online Payment

Payment is done through PayPal. Click on the links below to purchase membership, powerpoints or combo packages. We no longer support payment through Kagi.

Remember that league membership gives you a 10% discount on all items you buy in the power item shop, and lord membership gives you 20% discount on all items.

Also keep in mind that each item you buy is for a single character, so you can't buy 300 powerpoints and split the cost with 2 of your friends and each receive 100 points.

Membership Only Plans

Power Points Only

Combo Plans

Cash Payment

Although we have never heard about anyone having any problems with it, we do not advise you to send cash through regular mail. If you want to send cash through mail, you are advised to send it as "signed for" or "money letter" or whatever is the valid way to do it in your country. We only accept danish currency, so unless you live in Denmark this is probably not a very good option for you. You may send your cash to:

Allon Sorensen
Birkhoejterrasserne 426B
3520 Farum