Power Items

With a stock of Power Points in hand you can shop at Frizans Divine shop in Udgaard. You can use your Power Points to purchase Power Items, pay status, titles and lottery tickets. Power Items can only be worn by the person that bought them, but they can be sold back to Frizan at a slight loss. Power Items return to their owners after death popping into existance as their spirits return to the mortal realm.

Price Item Description
100 PPs Halos +15 stats, +15 hp, regain of 2 mana, 5 hp and 5 endurance per minute (regain is 50+)
90 PPs Aura of Recovery +1 all stats, regain of 10 mana, 25 hp and 20 endurance per minute (regain is 50+)
80 PPs Bracelet of Magic Immunity 30% chance of total immunity to ANY harmful spell cast.
80 PPs Bracer of Lightning Shoots lighting bolts. Charges slowly to a total of 5 charges at a time and packs a hell of a punch!
70 PPs Gauntlets of Speed Increased combat speed. Equivelant to haste spell.
50 PPs Power Item
All body parts but feet.

All add 10 points to one chosen ability while worn. You may own up to 4 of items but no more than 2 may add to the same ability.

Example: You could have 2 strength earrings, and 2 dex bracelets, but not 2 strength earrings and 2 strength bracelets. Simple huh?

25 PPs Bag spun from Gold Fill this bag until you can barely even lift it from the ground!
20 PPs Vial of Godly Nectar This vial sustains you and replenishes lost endurance. Refills automatically after a few minutes.
10 PPs Potion of Godly Power Adds 50 points to one ability for a period of 30 minutes (or until you die). Perfect for when you just HAVE to kill that dragon!