Competitions and OLQs

Monthly Competitions

Each month Valheru MUD holds a competition for Avatar of the Month and Squire of the Month. Those who place in the top 10 of each win prizes in the form of competition points, which can then be swapped for cool prizes like item customizations, custom character titles, and much, much more. For more information on competition prizes go to Goober’s House of Rewards in the town of Hauge and ask for a list.

Bounty Hunter Competition

By killing wanted monsters you are able to earn bounty hunter points, that can be saved and used for exclusive prizes.

Online Quests (OLQs)

OLQs are live events organized by the immortals of the realm.

These quests are mainly held during weekends, in the evening CET (Central European Time) and give you the chance to compete alone or in teams against other players or NPCs. Win epic, limited edition equipment, competition points, and much more. Or die trying!