FAQs and Tips

Having a little trouble in the world of Valheru? We've compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your convenience. Simply click the question to read its answer.

If you can't seem to find the answers to your questions listed here, there are always a kind souls running around the game that are willing to help out. Just ask away on the newbie chat comm!

I don't understand ANYTHING! Help!

OK, assuming you have created your character, and logged into the game, the first thing you should do is type this: say help me newbie guide. A computer controlled guide will turn up and show you what to do.

I connected through telnet and I cant see what I am typing / I type evrything twice!

The simplest way to fix that is to type change character echo. Also downloading a client will make it easier to see what you are doing. Look under "How to connect" in the menu.

What are all these strange words and abreviations?! XP, spam, PK, mob, I thought you spoke english on this MUD?!

Look in the Valheru Library in the menu. There you will find the Valheru Dictionary.

But I already have a dictionary, I put it in my bag.

Take it out, you need to have it in your hands (your inventory, what you see when you type inv) for it to work. It is a way of making one word execute a number of commands, type help alias in the game for more information.

I am hungry! I am thirsty! I am starving!

Just like in the real world you need to eat regularly. Try drinking from a fountain and buying some food. Most of the larger towns have inns or food stores. If you don't eat you will eventually die, so be sure to have plenty of supplies on board.

It's dark, I can't see anything! My equipment is all gone!

These problems are often closely linked. If it is dark and you can't see anything then there is a very good chance that night has fallen and you are without a light. Try holding a light, a torch or lantern. If it is dark then you cannot see your belongings but trust me they are all there. Call on the newbie guide to get you back to the bright safety of town.

How can I get colours?

If you are using a client (look under "How to Connect" in the menu to find a client that suits you), but still can't see colours, type change terminal ansi while in the game. That should open the world of colour to you.

Cool! Can I have a coloured title then?

Nope! Immortals only - gotta let them have some little perk ;)

I DIED!! I can't find my corpse and everything I own is in it...

Death is a part of life, until we have shared the wisdom of Odin we cannot be reborn! Well, enough of that... Dying is a regular part of Valheru life, and as a new player it may well happen to you a couple of times a day. When you die you will be brought before Odin for a while before being placed back in Udgaard. You should try and retrieve your corpse and get your belongings from it. The newbie guide will help you find it during your first few levels in Valheru. Just type say help me newbie guide.

I still don't get it?

It takes a little time to get used to the world of Valheru, but reading this list and also the tips list and the rules of play will help you a lot in getting started. There is also the newbie channel which is a place for you to ask questions of other players. The newbie guide will show you how to operate it during the interactive tour. If you have read this whole page you should know how to activate him by now ;)