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The Official Valheru Dictionary

Xp, experience. This is what you need to earn a level and practise at your guild. You can gain experience in battle or by questing. Hunting or fighting for your XP is called XPing.
Book of Blood. A right of passage that says you are ready to kill and be killed. Think carefully before signing up, because once you are BoB things will never be the same, and remember, BoB's don't cry!
Book of Greed. Once you have signed the Book of Blood, you can sign up for the Book of Greed. By doing that you are able to loot other players who have also signed both BoB and BoG.
Newbie / Highbie
There are a lot of different ideas about what it takes to move from newbie-dom. This is neither the time or the place for debate tho. Suffice to say that newbie is somone who is new to the mud. They are ususally of low levels, but even high levels can be newbies. To call somone a newbie can be an insult, especially if they are 50+. A highbie is somone who has been around a good while, and knows their way around both socially and directionally. An oldbie is somone who has been around a loooooong time, exactly how long is also something which is often debated. A true, true oldbie remembers when Valheru was a dial-up.
Equipment, your belongings, predominantly your armor and weapons.
As in tele and non-tele zones. If a zone is "tele" you can use magic to get there, if not, then you can't. Simple eh?
Valheru MUD even has its own Quest God who will occasionaly drop down to the mortal plane with a request for help, or a test of your skills and knowledge. These are called On Line Quests, or OLQs. Type comm add olq to keep up to date on whats happening and when.
Short for ressurection, this cry for help can be heard all over the realm. Somone is begging for somone with a healers skills to restore the life into their dead body, and drag them prematurely from Odins loving care.
Player killing. When you open your wrist and sign with your blood you open your eyes to the world of do or die that is player killing. (See BOB)
Hell Runners
To clear a zone is to do a run, this is where the term Hell Runners comes from. These are the brave souls who venture into the bowels of hell egged on by the lure of great xp and a beautifully written zone. Also one of the coolest renames on the mud, eh Fuge?
NPC / Mob
PC, player character, a human controlled figure on the mud. You for example. NPC, non-player character, a computer controlled figure on the mud, Satan for example. A mob is the same as an NPC (short for mobile).
"Party at Odins!"
Odin the sky father is gracious enough to grant mortals another chance at life, provided that you stay a while and learn from him first. Thus the phrase "visiting Odin" is another way of saying that you are at present, well, dead! "Milking the Goat" refers to the refreshments that Odin lays on. "Party at Odins!" usually means that a whole group, or a number of groups, have all died at once, and there are lots of people running naked around the halls of the dead and feasting on pork and ale. Not a bad way to go.